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Category - Self Help
Bounty - 70%

Date Added: Jun 01, 2000
Sign-up Fee/Requirements: Affiliate center Free sign-up, no requirements other than to SELL something.

Program Summary: Hot New Relationship Product--Earn 75% on every sale of "Dr. Love`s Relationship Rescue Kit," which includes my new book, "Make Up Don`t Break Up: Dr. Love`s 5-Step Plan for Reconciling With Your Ex,` plus 8 bonus workbooks including "Were We Compatible?," "Create-a-Mate," "Is Your Partner Ready For Love?," and many more. For higher conversions, exit splash page offers my first book as free bonus: "Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step-By-Step Guide for Resolving Relationship Conflict." Entire kit presently selling for $37 through Clickbank. I will be launching to my own large list and membership and am working out JV`s with some current leaders in the relationship self-help market. I am looking for other JV`s or affiliates who are active in or interested in getting into this highly profitable niche. This product, and my future product line, is bound to become popular and a major force in this niche. Dr. Love`s Relationship Rescue Kit answers the need of thousands of hungry buyers looking for help in the "get your ex back" relationship niche every day. More products are coming soon, expanding into other popular relationship and self-help sub-niche as well as offering audio, video, Webinars, membership sites, coaching, live training, and even software. Ongoing product development means more opportunity for you to up-sell, down-sell, etc., and generally continue to sell to your same list or membership into the future. I am also known on the Web as Dr. Love, having started the Web`s first Free Relationship advice site,, in 1995. My first book, "Till Death Do Us Part " has been endorsed by such luminaries as John Gray, author of the best-selling Mars and Venus series of books. I have appeared on TV programs such as the Today Show, as well CNN, Inside Edition, and Fox, and in such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men`s Health, and Psychology Today. I also still a practising therapist at my Center for Emotional Communication out of upstate New York. I own the trademark to AskDrLove and have strong brand recognition and a following spanning nearly two decades, and am now actively engaged in creating wider exposure and expansion of this brand to a new generation. The sales site is at: Try to the exit or close the site page to find the ExitSplash bonus page. Affiliates should register at my Affiliate Center. Go to for the Affiliate Handbook and to find out more. Affiliate center membership provides: Affiliate Handbook Automatic Sales Notifications (which Clickbank does not provide) Affiliate Newsletter Hoplink Generator Advanced Hoplink Generator -- Create affiliate links you can use on your own sales page. Brandable Free Report eBook Articles & Newsletters Graphic Banner Ads Product Graphics Free Article Marketing Video Course More Free IM Training Courses And of course, much more stuff... So go to NOW, download the Affiliate Handbook, and get started right away! Send all JV Inquires to Eric at Join up with me now, and let`s continue to work together to continue in this ever expanding market for years to come! --Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D.

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