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Marketing with Opt-in Email
Jun 29, 2004

The  CAN-SPAM Act  of 2003 (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act)  guidelines might seen a bit arduous, but there's good reason to put them in place and have access to email as an advertising medium. This article explores some of the benefits to choosing opt-in email.

Why Choose Opt-in Email?

If you read the article "Opov/bcp/conline/edcams/spam/business.htm), you can see that there's some set-up involvedting for Opt-in" or visit the Federal Trade Commission website in being able to use commercial email without it being spam, including forms for opting in, keeping up a mailing list, etc. Here are some reasons that people find it worthwhile.

Offering Options

Your subscriber list can be the way to present full range of your advertising options to your visitors and customers and do it in a way that they're likely already familiar with. The CAN-SPAM guidelines specifically say that you are not limited to an opt-in/opt-out choice, learn more about this on the FTC website. This means that your list could look something like the following:

• Sign me up for monthly specials.

• Sign me up for coupons

• Sign me up for weekly sales announcements.

• Sign me up for special sales events notices only.

• Sign me up for all your mailings.

• I do not wish to receive communications.

. . . or any other wording that serves your needs.

Low-Cost Advertising

Because email is a low-cost alternative to other advertising choices due to the virtual reality (sans paper, envelopes, toner, postage, and printing costs) it is especially attractive to many e-merchants. Sure, it takes some time to get set up: but it may save you money in the long run.

Idea to Campaign in Short Order

Another advantage of opt-in email marketing is the speed with which you can move from conception to having a communication in your customers' in-boxes. What's more, unlike with other kinds of advertising, you can track when/whether they receive it and how they follow-up. For many merchants, this is better than posting advertising and never knowing who exactly saw it, or not knowing if the mail circular was received or read.

Invite Commitment

The visitor or customer who says yes to your opt-in option is sending you a message: he or she is interested enough in what you have to offer that the door has been open and you now have access to foster an ongoing relationship. So when your advertisement arrives in whatever form, that person is actually looking forward to it. This is a good was to build long-term customer relations.

Variety Is the Spice of Email

If you're thinking, "Email—how boring is that?!" think again. You can do a whole lot in email:

• Advertisements
• Coupons
• eZines
• Sales Alerts
• Images
• Links to content on your site, including images, audio, video, text
• Newsletters

Focus Your Efforts

Your opt-in list can provide the basis for focused advertisements, specially created for specific groups of your visitors and customers. You could target all the customers who:

• spent more than $100 in December
• purchased the 4-person tent
• returned an item because it didn't fit well
• bought a gift certificate

Tracking Your Marketing

A good tracking system expands the value of your email efforts. You can not only follow up who got what, but also keep track of what happened next (did they make a purchase within 24 hours? call customer service? place an online order within 7 days?). This helps you see your Return on Investment (ROI) in very clear terms this article has all rights reserved and is copyright by 100 Best and shows why marketing with opt-in email deserves your consideration.


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