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Commission Junction Review
May 03, 2004

Commission Junction Review: Housing the most lucrative affiliate programs available, Commission Junction is the premier network for affiliate marketing. CJ provides affiliates and merchants alike with optimal revenue sharing tools and experiences.
From an affiliate standpoint we have found CJ to be first-class in the following areas: ease of use, tracking capabilities, affiliate/merchant relations, multiple site compatibility and incentive programs.

Ease of Use
CJ Sign-up is quick and easy. You put in contact information, the URL for the site you will be using, send in the W-9 for tax purposes and you are on your way. Log-in email is sent to your inbox and then you can log in to the network of web sites that offer affiliate programs.

Tracking Capabilities
CJ has the most advanced tracking and reporting capabilities we've found. Webmasters are able to optimize their efforts by using their advanced statistics and advertiser earning potential reports. CJ tells webmasters which advertisers are performing the best and handing out the highest commissions based on actual statistics.

Affiliate/Advertiser Relations
Applying for affiliate programs takes just one click. CJ uses a web-based email system for merchants and affiliates to keep in touch. CJ also notifies webmasters of links and advertisers that have expired, so affiliates can always keep current ads and advertisers up on their site.

Multiple Site Compatibility
For webmasters who oversee many different sites with advertiser links on them, CJ makes it easy to diversify the tracking codes and monitor the performance of each site's affiliate links.

Incentive Programs
Advertisers are always offering new incentive programs to raise affiliate performance. CJ makes it easy to stay abreast of new offers and changes. They also offer Rewards incentives to web site visitors of affiliates.

Overall, Commission Junction is the best affiliate network and makes keeping track of affiliate programs a breeze. To sign up with CJ click on the link below and apply for a "Publisher Account" with them. (FYI- CJ calls affiliates "publishers" and merchants providing affiliate programs "advertisers")
Visit Commission Junction

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