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Ecommerce Websites
Sep 06, 2004

We've all figured out how to email, how to search the Web, order online, and even build a website. But what about selling stuff online? That gets a little more difficult and is the stumbling block for many online businesses.

Even knowing what we do about web hosting deals and offers, search engine optimization and e-commerce tools it is tricky to throw all that knowledge together to actually create a successful online storefront. As I review web hosts and e-commerce software I've wondered, "when is someone going to make this easy and do-able for average computer literate people?" sells a product called Site Build It, which may just be the answer for making e-commerce easy. Site Build It puts all the e-commerce pieces together so you won't have to work hard building a website and then fumble around figuring out how to successfully promote and sell products from it. SBI takes you from creating the site to hosting it, promoting it, selling stuff from it, and finally... making money from your website. Their all-in-one solution costs less than most regular no-help hosting does, $295 for a year, and contains gobs of valuable information on web marketing and e-commerce to ensure your website's success. If you could use a hand getting your web business making real money check out the products is offering. Even if you don't order anything you can learn a lot from the content on their website. E-commerce webmasters check out for valuable resources for making money with your website.
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E-commerce Websites

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