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Email Reseller Programs

Email services, similar to other Internet-based services, may be offered directly by webhosting companies or through email reseller programs. If you’re thinking about joining an email reseller program, read this article to learn more about the choices.

Types of Email Reseller Programs

Prospective email resellers have a few choices to consider as they prepare to adopt this business model.

• Email can be offered as a limited service - email and that’s it - or as part of a larger package. Since email forms an integral part of web hosting packages, one question to consider is whether you want to resell email exclusively or if the opportunity to also resell domains, hosting, and secure certificates, for example, would be worth considering. If you are interested in the latter right now, then that will help define your list of partners. If you may be interested for later, you will know to search for a business that has reseller programs both for email alone and for fuller service web hosting reselling.

• Is your interest limited to text emails? C2hub, for example, offers personal video email reseller programs. This model allows the incorporation of a video message with additional image and Flash files, and PowerPoint presentations, providing a multimedia message tool appropriate for companies to reach customers and potential customers with product news, sales information, and other high-interest customer interactions.

• Do you want to be an agent for an email provider? In this model, you sell the provider’s product, acting like a member of their sales force, while they provide the product, the security, theemail servers, and the technical support.

• Are you hoping for a private brand  reseller solution, in which the provider becomes invisible, allowing you to brand their services as your own and anonymously supporting your foray into email reselling with support from their hardware and tech support? (If you are thinking about this approach, consider beforehand what your customers’ reaction will be if/when they find out that the brand is actually a re-brand.)

What to Look for in Email Reseller Programs

Once you have clarified for yourself what type of email reseller program you want to affiliate yourself with, it’s time to compare them to see if they have the qualities and characteristics you need to choose them as a business partner. Here are some things to look for:

  • Technical support for you and your customers available 24/7/365
  • Reliable security, software updates, data center, network, and uptime
  • Discounted pricing
  • Easily managed reseller administration panel
  • Entry period with provision for growing a new reselling line
  • Training for resellers, including customized training, if desired
  • Excellent spam catching technology
  • Web-based email access included
  • Mobile access to contact list and email
  • Unlimited storage


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