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iDevAffiliate Review

If you are looking to start using an affiliate program for your website then iDevAffiliate just may have the affiliate software you are looking for. It is easily integrated, only takes minutes to download, and has everything you should need to start allowing your affiliates to direct traffic to your site and help increase your sales.

Affiliate Software: iDevAffiliate
Price/Cost of Software: $99.00 USD
Ease of Use: Simple to integrate

- Choose Your Payout - Pay-Per-Sale, Percentage or flat rate, Pay-Per-Click
- Product Grouping - Affiliates can market individual products or all products.
- MySQL database integration.
- Automated installation program.
- Templates - For easy design modification.
- Unique banner and text linking codes.
- Manage unlimited affiliates.
- Adjustable payout amount per affiliate (percentage).
- Email your affiliates (all, approved, non-approved).
- Affiliates can view accounts in their 2nd Tier.
- Administrative Center Optional Configuration
- Upload your banners and create your text ads.
- Approve new affiliate accounts.
- Manage all your sales, pay your affiliates.
- Set an initial "incentive" balance.
- Review extensive traffic logging for each affiliate.
- Integrated Accounting Extensive Reporting & Statistics
- View current approved, pending & archived sales.
- View traffic, sales, ratios, etc. for each affiliate.
- Send affiliates an email invoice at time of payment.
- View accounting history for each affiliate.

Among the low-cost affiliate software solutions, iDevAffiliate has the most user friendly interface. As opposed to Groundbreak's high-tech do it yourself programmer feel, iDevAffiliate uses a more clear and automated interface. For only $99 this software is amazingly functional.

Users don't get the marketing assistance as with MyAP and affiliate networks like CJ, but if software is all you need than iDevAffiliate is perfect. We belong to affiliate programs who use iDevAffiliate and like the affiliate account manager and easy stats reporting.

Statement from iDevDirect on iDevAffiliate software:
"Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales and more traffic! Our affiliate software installs in just minutes and integrates easily into your existing website. iDevAffiliate integrates into both UNIX/Linux and Microsoft Windows."

iDevAffiliate Demo:
You can test drive iDevAffiliate software yourself with their online demo.

Learn more about iDevAffiliate software

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