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Glossary Term B – Best Affiliate Programs

Back Links

Back Links are incoming links to a website. These are also Inbound links that link one website to another. Relevant inbound links help search engines to rank a website.


This is the term used when a website is no longer featured by a search engine. A ban may happen because of copied information, spamming, or other problems.

BBS - Bulletin Board System

A Bulletin Board System is a software program that allows users to have discussions, post information, upload or download files, and more. Some of these require special software programs and may have a price. A BBS offers an easy way to stay in contact using the internet.

Billing Contact

A billing contact is the person who receives the domain name registration fees or bills. A billing contact must be given before the domain name registration can be completed.


Blogs are also called web logs. These are online journals that are open to public viewing. They are usually maintained by one person called a blogger. Blogs give people the opportunity to share their thougths and views online.


Payment or reward for accomplishing a certain task or providing needed information. In this case, a bounty is the payment an affiliate receives for providing traffic and leads to a merchant. This can be a fixed dollar amount, an incentive percentage, or another type of payment.

Bridge Page
Another name for a doorway page, a bridge page is made for the purpose of gaining a good rank in a search engine. It allows the site to get a high rank by using keywords. This is a type of spamming, because the site may not really be the best for the key subject given.


This is basically the software program that gives you internet access. The most commonly used ones are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape. They all work the same way, but present the information differently.

BTW - By The Way

A commonly used acronym that means, by the way. This is used online in emails, chat rooms, and forums.

Bulk Registration
When registering multiple domain names, many registrars will allow you to register all of them at once. This is sometimes at a discounted price.

Bulletin Board

This is a place where messages are posted and stored so that anyone may view them. New messages can be posted, saved, or copied for other use. People sometimes use these as a question and answer forum.

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