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Groundbreak Ultimate Affiliate Review

Control your own affiliate program using GroundBreak Ultimate Affiliate Software.  This program allows you to run everything from a simple web-store affiliate program to an advanced multi-level website affiliate program.  They have scripts that will help guide you through building your own network of affiliates and allow you to keep your affiliates on your own domain.

Affiliate Software: Groundbreak Ultimate Affiliate
Price/Cost of Software: $200.00 USD
Ease of Use: For web savvy users, Intuitive

- Graphical representation of referrals, unique referrals, and commissions.
- Pay affiliates on any time schedule.
- Export data into any format of text file
- Concise printable payout reports from your browser.
- Track up to 12 levels of commissions to your affiliates.
- Integrates with a variety of billing systems
- The signup and stats login pages are customizable.
- Customization with headers and footers on stats pages.
- Manage and search affiliates from your browser.
- Add, edit, and delete commissions
- Fraud prevention
- Graphical stats
- Export your data to popular check printing programs.
- MySQL database is easily set up in your browser

Recommendation: We like Groundbreak's Ultimate Affiliate software because it is the perfect solution for smaller web sites and conservative marketing budgets. For only $200 users can enjoy the benefits of an effective affiliate marketing campaign.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to get the word out on online products and services and Ultimate Affiliate makes it possible for any web developer to set up an affiliate program, without the usual fees and commission charges of an affiliate network.

From an affiliate standpoint, we love Groundbreak's Ultimate Affiliate software. Many of the web sites we are affiliated with use Ultimate Affiliate. The stats, payment and tracking is simple and flawless.

Statement from Groundbreak on their Ultimate Affiliate software:
"Ultimate Affiliate is a CGI script written in the Perl programming language that allows you to set up a fully featured affiliate program on your own web server - giving YOU the control over the program. Instead of handing over your affiliate program to a third party, you can now run one "in-house" and run it the way YOU like - without the MONTHLY payments, escrow fees, and per-transaction fees!

The CGI scripts are easy to install and intuitive to use for the average web developer. Ultimate Affiliate lets you run a "pay-per-sale" or "pay-per-lead" program where you recruit affiliates to promote your website, then pay them a percentage (or a flat fee) for every sale or lead generated by their referrals. The program tracks referrals by both cookie AND optional IP tracking - making it virtually foolproof for an affiliate to lose a commission. And for the hard-core developers, the script will also create replicated websites for your affiliates to ensure 100% guaranteed referral sales."

Ultimate Affiliate Demo
You can test drive Groundbreak's Ultimate Affiliate software yourself with their online demo.
Use password: superpass

Learn More about Groundbreak Ultimate Affiliate Software

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