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Software Reseller Programs

Software reseller programs provide an opportunity for software companies to reach new customers and for resellers to receive extra profits from sales. There are several types of software reseller programs, so those interested in a reseller program should gather information about types of reseller programs and the companies that offer them.

Software reseller programs are available for many kinds of software products. Software reseller programs can benefit software companies, resellers, and customers. Software companies can use software reseller programs to promote their products to more customers and find new channels for sales. Software companies often work through resellers to sell their products in regions where they have not previously had a presence. Resellers make a profit on their sales and have the chance to offer customers new products that can help the customers meet their own needs and goals.

There are several types of software reseller programs. A few of these include:

  • Resellers who promote software programs and direct customers to the software company, then get a percentage of the purchase those customers make, such as technology industry bloggers who promote their favorite software programs
  • Resellers who upsell the software when they provide their own services to their customers, such as a web designer who encourages customers to buy an eCommerce software product
  • Value added resellers (VAR) who bundle products, such as multiple software products or software and hardware products and sell these together to customers
  • Resellers who buy software in bulk and then resell it for a profit either online or through brick-and-mortar stores

Some software companies offer several of these reseller programs depending on the strengths of the reseller partner.

Software reseller programs are often viewed by the software company and the reseller as a partnership. Both the software company and the reseller rely on each other for success. The reseller trusts the software company to provide a good product that customers will want to buy and that will reflect well on them, while the software company relies on the reseller to represent their product accurately and to use good business strategies to promote the software. Most software reseller programs have some minimum requirements for who can be a reseller, and resellers are wise to thoroughly investigate the software products they are thinking of offering as a reseller.

Though there are various types of software reseller programs, a few tips can help those interested in becoming a successful software reseller:

  • Evaluate your own strengths to find a niche where you will stand out from other software resellers, such as a particular customer base or industry that you are already familiar with.
  • Focus on customer relationships and offering services or bundling products in a way that is helpful to customers. This will help set you apart from other companies that just sell software.
  • Partner with reliable companies that provide good products. This can reduce your frustrations and help build your own reputation.
  • Get to know the software products, including their strengths and weaknesses, so you can answer customer questions thoroughly and honestly and recommend the right software to customers

Though there are web sites that help resellers find software reseller programs, those who are interested in joining a software reseller program may want to start by approaching software companies they already do business with or that offer products that fit in their niche. Resellers should always research companies and reseller programs carefully before joining them, and should watch for potentially fraudulent programs, such as those that demand a lot of money up front just to sign up or that ask for unusual amounts or types of personal information.

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