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Credit Card Affiliate Programs
Aug 18, 2004

Credit card affiliate programs are among the highest paying in the affiliate marketing industry. However, recommending credit cards through affiliate programs takes some special considerations and work for affiliates to ensure successful revenue. Read on for tips on successfully recommending credit cards and where to sign up for the credit card affiliate programs with the best product and payouts.

Benefits of Joining Credit Card Affiliate Programs
Credit card companies are paying out large commissions for affiliates who bring them new (and qualified) customers. Commissions range anywhere from $10-$75+ for qualified and accepted card applicants.

Some credit card affiliate programs also pay per lead, meaning affiliates will get a small commission ($1-$10) for each customer who fills out an application- whether the applicant is accepted or not, the affiliate still earns a commission. Many UK cards offer pay-per-lead commissions. All the credit card affiliate has to do is post a banner for the credit card. Sounds easy enough, but there are a few tips we can pass on for achieving the highest payouts with credit card affiliate programs.

Tips for Success with Credit Card Affiliate Programs

1. Be Prepared to Maintain
Credit cards and advertising campaigns change frequently. Unlike other affiliate programs credit cards, rates, and rewards are altered and changed constantly. Most credit cards will change their advertising banners and approach seasonally. It can be hard work to keep your affiliate banners, text, and reviews current. Be prepared to update your site frequently if you recommend credit cards.

Also, the best credit card companies and the banks that sponsor them are very concerned about legalities and how their company and products are represented. Consequently, they do not let affiliates create their own text. They specify what can be said about a card, and how affiliates can advertise. Credit card affiliate programs do not allow email or e-zine marketing.

2. Choose your network wisely.
Most credit card affiliate programs are run through affiliate networks. Credit card companies, or the banks they run through, are far too huge to manage an in-house affiliate program, so they go with networks to manage their affiliate marketing campaigns. Surprisingly, the same credit card affiliate programs are listed in many different networks. And the payouts can vary depending on which network you signed up for the credit card affiliate program in.

For example: payouts for student credit card affiliate programs are generally higher at than CJ where they offer the same programs. However, NCSReporting doesn't have as sophisticated of banner changing, and link updating help as CJ's slick system. So choose your affiliate network wisely. Are you willing to work harder and get higher payouts or have the easiest affiliate management with slightly lower commissions. It's a trade-off.

3. Create Qualified Leads
Since most low apr credit card affiliate programs pay their affiliates when they receive a completed, qualified application and accept it, it is important that affiliates are sending the most qualified customers possible. By helping customers choose the right card, affiliates will receive more commissions for more accepted applications.

As a credit card affiliate, help customers understand which credit cards are best for them by giving them as much information as you can. For example: If a particular credit card is only accepting customers with good credit make sure to tell your viewers, so you don't waste leads on customers with poor credit.

4. Beware of Fly-by-night Cards
Choose quality credit cards to recommend. There are many fly-by-night credit cards that are not worth the time for affiliates to recommend and aren't great products for the customer either. Credit card affiliate programs to avoid might include: cards targeted at customers with poor credit history, credit cards charging an advanced fee, catalog cards, and guaranteed approval credit cards.

5. Push Credit Cards the Company is Campaigning
Credit card companies will launch giant advertising campaigns to build a customer base for a certain card. In general applicants will be approved more readily for credit cards that are on promotion. Affiliates who stay on top of current promotions see more applicants accepted, thus more commissions. Right now, reward credit cards are the most popular followed by cashback credit cards.

6. Business vs. Student Credit Cards
For higher payouts and commissions recommend business credit cards. Applicants are screened more carefully, but the commissions are higher for accepted applicants. Student credit cards usually have lower commissions for affiliates, but accept applicants more readily.

The Payouts are there if you are willing to work!
If you are willing to update and maintain frequently, recommending credit cards can be a very lucrative venture. We hope you find success as you follow the above tips for working with credit card affiliate programs.

The Best Affiliate Networks for Credit Card Affiliate Programs
For the highest payouts use For the easiest banner/link management use CJ

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