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Google AdWords Review
Jun 15, 2004

Google Adwords is the most popular pay-per-click advertising program, widely acknowledged as a speedy way to bring focused traffic to your website. This article introduces you to the Adwords program and its benefits. Find our Google Adwords Review here.

Introduction to Google AdWords

Google AdWords provides advertising for your website, your products, or both, for which you pay on a per click basis (cost per click—CPC) or based on page views (cost per thousand CPM). Started in 2000, with the addition of site-targeted ads in 2003, Google Adwords features brief text ads of two content lines with a title line. Image and video ads are available for certain venues.

Google AdWords is a method for advertising your site and/or products that is figured on a cost per click (CPC) or on a thousand page views (CPM). The key feature of this is that you do not pay for the ad unless and until it attracts someone to click on it. The program was introduced in 2000, with site-targeted ads added in 2003. The text ads are brief, consisting only of a title line followed by two content lines, while image ads come in this article has all rights reserved and is copyright by 100 Best several standard sizes. Video advertising is also possible. Image and video ads are only available on the content network.

There are two types of AdWords ads: keyword-targeted and placement-targeted. These ads appear on content and/or search sites. For keyword-targeted ads, you choose the keywords for which you want your ads to appear, and also specify how much you will potentially pay per click. Your cost is minimized by the use of a discounter service that keeps your ad in position with the lowest possible price per click (PPC). Content bids lets you make separate bids for content and search sites.

Google places the keyword-targeted ads on Google search engine results pages (SERPs), either under the heading "Sponsored Links" to the right of the search results or above them, as well as on Google Network sites. With placement-targeted ads, however, you choose the contents sites on which the ads will appear.

  Search                                        Content
• AOL                                           •
•                                     • Food Network
• AT&T Worldnet                           • HGTV
• EarthLink                                    •
• Netscape Netcenter                     •
•                             •


One of the key attractions of Google AdWords and similar programs is that the merchant does not pay for advertising unless and until someone is attracted enough to click on it. Another draw is the members of the Google network of search and content sites, which include:

Adwords provides you with the capability to fine-tune an ad campaign with a very clear focus on a target audience. Anybody might see a billboard, but these ads are seen by people searching for the very product or service you are offering.

Google AdWords offers an extensive Help Center (, as well as lessons to help you learn the program and quizzes to help you test your knowledge ( There are over 100 lessons to assist your AdWords education.

Budget control features allow you to control how your money is spent, and the set –up fee is only $5.00. Reports and analysis are provided to help you understand the effects of your advertising choices.

To read about the disadvantages of Google AdWords, see the article Google Adwords: Drawbacks.

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