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Offer Fusion Review
Jun 22, 2004

Offer Fusion affiliate network's edge is providing top dollar pay outs. If you are earning more from one of their advertisers on another affiliate network, they will try to match or raise commissions. Offer Fusion review:
Offer Fusion is currently building its base of advertisers, so they don't have as many yet as larger networks, but they promise affiliates only quality advertisers by screening each carefully.

A little bit more about Offer Fusion from their site: "OfferFusion is a place for Internet publishers and email marketers to find the best in CPA (cost per aquisition) offers to market to their traffic. We accept only the most reputable advertisers and publishers, thus maximizing the quality of both advertisements and traffic to those ads.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make as a publisher with OfferFusion. Top Internet publishers each tens of thousands of dollars per month, and there's no reason why you can't be one of them. Our goal is to work closely with our publishers to help you earn as much as possible by properly targeting your traffic and providing you the tools to succeed.

We offer industry-leading payouts on offers from top-tier advertisers, with abundant tracking options at your fingertips.

To qualify, simply complete our publisher application. Your site must contain real content and receive at least 5000 unique visitors per month. Although we work with publishers based outside of the United States, the majority of your traffic must be from within the US for your site to qualify. Our advertisers' offers are geared exclusively to US traffic unless otherwise noted."

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