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Building a Professional Website
Oct 13, 2004

As an affiliate website, you'll want your website to look as professional as possible so your viewers will consider your affiliate recommendations credible. Not all affiliate webmasters have the skills necessary to created a professional looking website, but there is help available. Depending on your web building budget and skill level you may choose to either hire a custom web designer, or use a website template to create your website design. Let's take a look at both options.

Using a Custom Web Designer
Although using a custom web designer can cost a lot extra in the beginning, webmasters usually find that a good website design will produce better results in the end. A well laid out website will guide readers easily along, exactly where they need to go to make a sale. For an affiliate webmaster this is paramount.

Paying for Custom Work
Custom web designers may charge anywhere from a couple hundred dollars for a small website to over one thousand for a larger or ecommerce driven website. Web designers usually charge by the hour, but may also charge for the amount of pages in the website or charge a general package fee for the work. Compare web designers closely. Some may offer valuable extras with the initial website design including: database creation, logo and theme development, copy writing, search engine submission and other useful services.

And For the Rest of Us...
If you are on the $100 or less web creation budget, you'll find a website template may serve your needs a little better. A template is a premade website layout with customizable features such as; fonts, images, and colors. You can personalize the prefab shell so your site is unique from other websites that use the same template. Although many web hosts offer free website templates with the purchase of web hosting they are often amateurish and plain. It doesn't cost too much extra ($10-$70) to purchase a professional and artful looking website design. TemplateMonster sells great looking website templates for under $60 that you can download directly to your computer.

If you are web-design-challenged, but don't want to have a cheap looking website consider using a custom web designer or premade templates to improve your website design and functionality. To find a web designer in your area go to

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