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Increase Website Traffic

As an affiliate program member, your income depends on your website traffic. Using a variety of promotion means rather than relying on any one approach is the best way to increase your visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

One obvious way to increase traffic is to take measures to increase your page ranking. This means paying attention to keyword density, prominence, and proximity, title tags, and <meta> tags, particularly description. All of these items help to indicate the focus of your page and differentiate the pages of your site, one from the other. To find out more about these aspects of SEO, see the articles Determining Keyword Density, "What Are <meta> Tags?" "More About <meta> Tags," and "Key to Good Title Tags."

Directory and Search Engine Listings

Directory listings are a good way to spread the word about your website. Google, in fact, recommends both ODP/DMOZ and Yahoo! as being worthwhile. Since ODP/DMOZ has many partners and provides free listings, acceptance results in your website information being spread around. You can also submit your URL directly to search engines. In all cases, check that you are not listed before sending in a request, and carefully follow any guidelines for submissions. For more information, see the article Getting Listed in ODP/DMOZ.

Domain Forwarding

One thing that may be limiting your website traffic is your domain name. Perhaps the name you originally choose had some dashes or alternate spelling as a way of getting close to the name you wanted but that was already registered. Two things you can do if you suspect a domain name issues are: keeping an eye out at resellers and auctions in case a better name becomes available and thinking of other names that contain keywords that people this article has all rights reserved and is copyright by 100 Best seeking for your site might search on. In both cases, if a good name comes your way, you can set up domain forwarding to link to your existing site, increasing your traffic by creating more roads in. For more information, see the article, Many Uses of Domains.

Using Links

Linkbaiting is the name given to the content you put on your site that note only brings visitors back but lead them to create links to your material. These not only bring you traffic in their own right, but they signal to search engines that visitors value your site and are a factor that can help to increase your page ranking, which in turn may lead to more site traffic.

Linkbaiting includes providing your site visitors with unique news, analysis, research, interactive features, provocative accounts, and thematically related, desirable freebies. Link exchanges, used with care, can also increase your web traffic. To read more about linkbaiting and link exchanges, see the article Link Exchanges and More.

Repeat Visitors

Many of the items that are included in linkbaiting techniques are also means to increase the likelihood that visitors will return to your site again and again. In addition to those techniques, pay attention to keeping your website material fresh by updating regularly.

Spreading Your Web Address

Get used to thinking about communications as opportunities to spread your web address. In your stationery logo, in your email signature line, on your business cards, in your advertisements on television, radio, or print media, and on posters and billboards, make your web address an integral part of your promotion campaign.

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