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My Affiliate Program Review

My Affiliate Program has some of the best affiliate software available in the market.  Using award winning technology MyAP provides you with hands-free setup of  My AP affiliate software which provides integration of technical, marketing, interface, upload and categorization of links.  They have dedicated customer support, free affiliate support, small setup fee, no hidden fees, and plenty of affiliate tools to provide you with one of the best affiliate programs available.

Affiliate Software: My Affiliate Program
Price/Cost of Software: $2495.00 USD
Ease of Use: Advanced features, but clean and user-friendly

Easy Setup and Integration- They set up the backend for you, free tech support
Affiliate Branding- customize or use templates to send messages to affiliates
Complete Reporting- "Quick Stat" reports give an overall view of program's performance
Robust Tracking- cookie-based affiliate tracking system tracks clicks, leads, sales
Simplified Management- total control, task lists, password protected
Traffic Driving Links- offer affiliates banners, HTML ads, flash animation

*We have only listed a few of MyAP's many features here. (They have thought of everything!) To get an idea of the features included in MyAP software check out their features page.

Recommendation: My Affiliate Program (MyAP) is the cost efficient alternative to using an affiliate network. Users enjoy total control without paying commissions to a network, but receive affiliate network style benefits such as: marketing tips and consultation and an affiliate base through free listing in the Kolimbo affiliate network.

While MyAP is more expensive ($2495) than other affiliate software solutions, they have a better package for large businesses and marketing campaigns. They also easily integrate with SKU-based product management with their MyAP Enterprise product.

MyAP is sufficiently staffed and the product is user friendly so users can spend less time learning the software and more time utilizing it to improve their affiliate marketing strategy.

Statement from My Affiliate Program on MyAP software:
"My Affiliate Program Software (MyAP) is a scalable, reliable, easy-to-use, and completely customizable Affiliate Tracking and Management solution for virtually any business situation.

MyAP is designed to create, automate, manage and optimize affiliate relationships - regardless of the complexity of the affiliate marketing or partner strategy.

MyAP is packed with powerful, user-friendly features that will help you effectively track and manage your affiliates."

For a Demo:
You can request to view a demo of My Affiliate Program at the following link: MyAP Demo Request (A sales person will contact you to answer questions.)

Learn More about My Affiliate Program software

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