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Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel affiliate programs offer you the opportunity to make money, or commisions, when visitors from your website click on a link that directs them to a travel booking site. Keep reading to learn more about how travel affiliate programs work, and start monetizing your site.

One of the dreams many people have is to be able to work from home, earning money doing things that are relatively simple. The Internet has provided a way for many people to take advantage of running a home based online business. One of the ways for people to earn money is to join travel affiliate programs. These programs allow you to make money when people make reservations with your web site as a starting point. This is a good way for web masters and web hosts to earn money as well, since they can put affiliate ads on their sites in order to bring in additional revenue.

How travel affiliate programs work

When you sign up to be a travel affiliate, you are offering visitors to your web site the chance to book products and services through another provider. For example, Travelocity has an affiliate program. If you are an affiliate, you put a badge on your web site (or the site of a client that is getting free hosting from you). Visitors to your web site can click on the badge if they are interested in booking travel. When they do this, a reference number is logged. If the visitor does book travel as a direct result of clicking from your site, you receive a commission.

When you are an affiliate, you are not responsible for order fulfillment or for taking care of customer service issues related to the booked travel. Rather, you are merely a reference. You refer your visitors to the travel site, and the travel site takes care of everything else, while paying you a commission for your part in marketing the site to your own web visitors.

Promoting affiliate services

In order to be successful, you will need to put in some work to promote the affiliate services. This is because you will earn based on how many visitors from your web site click through to book travel through the travel affiliate programs that you are signed up for. This means that one of your priorities should be attracting traffic to your web site. Here are some things that you can do in order to entice more traffic to your site – and increase the chances that you will more money as an affiliate:

  1. Have useful, regularly updated content: You should update content on your Web site regularly. Your content should be useful and interesting as well. Updating at least three to five times a week is a must. Many people choose to use blogging for marketing as affiliates, since it is easy to update content.
  2. Concentrate on keywords: Consider what sorts of keywords people interested in travel, travel reviews, helpful hints and information and other travel-related subjects might use. You want to include topical keywords in your content so that people who are more likely to click on your affiliate links will find their way to your web site. Just be careful to make sure that the keywords are used naturally in your content, and that you are not over-saturating or using “black hat” methods of getting more prominence for your keywords.
  3. Social media: One of the hottest tools right now is social media. While you don’t want to over-promote (and risk being banned), you can use social media to help you spread the word about your Web site. Twitter a particularly helpful bit of travel advice. Submit a good article from your site to Reddit or Stumble Upon. That way, you will increase the chances that more people will see it. You can even set up a Facebook page for your travel web site, drawing people to your site – and hopefully enticing them to click on affiliate links.

It is important to realize that true success doesn’t just happen with travel affiliate programs. You have to build a web site that people want to visit, and you have to provide them with a useful product or service. However, once you start getting an increase in traffic to our web site, you will notice that your sales and your earnings start to go up.

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