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Glossary Term P – Best Affiliate Programs

Page Jacking
Stealing the design, content, and layout of a web page by copying verbatem the source code.

Page View

Every time a web page is accessed to load. This is sometimes used to determine the popularity of a web page.


A secret group of characters used to prevent unwanted access to something. People use this to prove identity when signing in to something online.

PayPal - Pay Pal

PayPal is a cheap online payment company that allows safe transactions when buying or selling over the internet.

PDA - Personal Digital Assistant

A small, hand held computer that usually has a calendar, to-do list, and an address book. People use these to organize their time more efficiently.

Pop Under

A form of pop up ad that shows up behind the browser window instead of in front of it.

Pop-up - popup

A usually unrequested window that appears when a link is clicked on. These are usually advertisements, and are undesirable and annoying to most users.


A web site that acts as an entryway to other websites. They often have a wide range of sources for information, goods, and services so they can attract traffic.


The way search engines and directories list the websites according to which has the most relevant data.


When a user sends out one message on an email, chat room, bulletin board, etc.

PPC - Pay per Click

A type of search marketing where an advertiser pays a certain amount of money to the site owner every time their ad is clicked on.

PR - Page Rank
The name given to Google's link popularity measuring system. PR is determined by measuring both the quantity and quality of incoming links to a web site and is a major factor in the Google ranking algorithm. Also Known As: Page Rank

Primary Server
This is the domain server that will be used first. This is where other domain servers will have to look for information regarding a domain name or its corresponding I.P. address.

Privacy Policy

The policy regarding personal information collected from visitors to a site. This policy is usually posted somewhere on the site and usually provides information such as how much info is available to the public, how much info is needed, and how much control the user has over sharing personal information.


The systematic process where domain name servers update their information for a specific domain. It usually takes about 24 hours to update all of the information from a domain name.

PSA - Public Service Announcement

An announcement containing information relevant to the general public. This announcement is not commercial, and is posted on a website free of charge. These are also found on the radio and T.V.

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