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Find the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Finding the highest paying affiliate programs involves understanding how affiliate programs work and what type of affiliate programs are best suited to make money for your type of business. Keep reading for tips on choosing affiliate programs that will pay you the highest affiliate commissions.

One way you can monetize your blog or web site is to sign up for trusted and legitimate affiliate programs. These programs are designed so that when someone clicks through an ad on your web site, you get a portion of the sales. For many affiliate programs, you don't actually have to do any of the order fulfillment. You just provide a space for advertising on your web site or blog, and when a sale is made from those who click through, you get a portion of the sale.

Looking for quality affiliate programs

One of the things you want to do is look for quality affiliate programs. There are plenty of affiliate programs out there that are not of high quality. They either pay low commissions, or they sell questionable products and services. Before you commit to an affiliate program, you want to make sure it is quality program, and that the products and services actually fit well with the content of your blog or web site, and your audience.

Once you find some programs, you want to carefully consider your next move. Here are some things to consider as you try to find the highest paying affiliate programs:

  1. Commission: You want to double check your commission rate. Make sure you look at the products as well, and the prices. For instance, don't just make a decision based on commission percentage along. If you are getting 50% commission on a $20 product, you get $10 per sale. But if you "only" 30% commission on a $75 product, you are getting $22.50 – you get more even though the commission percentage is less.
  2. Conversion Ratio: You also want to consider how many click-throughs actually take the plunge and purchase the product or service. A 10% conversion rate means that if 100 people visit the site, 10 of them actually purchase. However, you might see that many offer a 2% or less conversion rate. This means that only two people out of 100 will buy when they click through. You want to look at the conversion ratio, since the higher the conversion rate, the more money you will make with the affiliate program.
  3. Look at the Sales Page: As you find the highest paying affiliate programs, it is important to double check the sales page. Does the page that your link brings you to have other ads on it? In some cases a sales page might have AdSense advertising – or even links to other affiliate sales sites. It is important to note, though, that if the customer clicks on one of these other ads from the sales page, you will not get money.
  4. Understand What You Are Paid For: Read the fine print on the affiliate program web site. You want to make sure that you aren't finding exclusions. Some merchants will exclude certain types of sales from your affiliate structure. You might only be able to earn commission from one customer, or some items might be excluded. These programs can limit your earnings.
  5. When Will You Be Paid?: Finally, you need to understand when you will be paid. Some merchants will pay every month. Others will pay you when you reach a minimum amount in earnings, such $50 or $100. Some merchants do a combination, such as every month when your rolling balance is above a certain amount.

Affiliate programs can be a great way to earn residual income, boosting your cash flow. Additionally, all it requires is that you maintain your blog or web site, drawing traffic. You earn money for doing what you normally do, without having to do a great deal of work in some cases. Just make sure that you carefully read through the terms, and that you understand how the program works.

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