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Glossary Term D – Best Affiliate Programs


When a domain name is no longer working on the internet, it has been deactivated. This is similar to being put on hold or deleted.

Dead Link

A link that does not go to a website. This is probably because the site no longer exists, or the link is broken. When this happens, a 404 error page is seen.

Dedicated Server

This is a server that is used for one person or company. When a user has more traffic than a shared server can handle, then a dedicated server would be used. Dedicated servers have more bandwidth and features, but they also cost more.

Deep Linking

This is the action of linking to documents or information deep within another site. People use deep links to skip through home pages or other pages that take more time to go through.


With computers, a default is the choice or action a software program will make unless told to do something else.


Removal of a page or website from a search engine. This can happen if there is illegal activity, glitches, or if rules are broken.

Direct Hit

A system that some search engines use. It sees which websites users visit most, and how long they are there. By doing this, it can adjust site ranking according to popular opinion.


A search tool that organizes by subject, location, alphabetical name, etc. This makes it easier to specify your search and find what you are looking for.


This is Mozilla Directory. It is also know as the Open Directory Project. It is a large directory system maintained by volunteers.


DogPile is a metasearch engine that gets results from Google, Yahoo, Live Search, and more, then posts them as answers to your search.

Domain Forwarding

Also called URL redirection or URL forwarding, this is when the data is sent from one URL address to another.

Domain Name
Technically speaking a domain name is an alias for a numeric code. The numeric code is called an IP address. The format of an IP address is written as four numbers separated by periods, where each number can be from zero to 255. For example, could be an IP address. The IP address is how a domain name is recognized by the domain name server. However, a long number like that is difficult for people to remember, so domain names were created to give an alias to IP addresses that would be easier for people to communicate and remember. ex.

Domain Name Registration

To own a domain name or a website you must first register the domain name you want. By going to a web hoster or domain register, you can create the domain name you want. This is domain name registration. When your domain name is registered, no one else can use it until your time is up or if you sell it.

Domain Reseller

Someone who sells domain names through an ICANN accredited registrar.

Domain Transfer

When a domain registrant changes their registrar, they transfer their domain. That way, the new registrar gets the information needed, and the domain name stays the same.

Doorway Pages
A Web page submitted to individual search engine spiders to meet specific relevancy algorithms. The doorway page presents information to the spider while obscuring it from human viewers. The purpose of doorway pages is to present the spider with the format it needs for optimum rankings while presenting a more appropriate version to human viewers. It's also a way for Webmasters to avoid publicly disclosing placement tactics. The use of doorway pages customizes submission to each individual search engine. Also known as gateway pages, bridge pages, entry pages, portals or portal pages.


A period of time when a site is not working. This is usually only for a short period of time, and is used to fix infrastructure in the case that something is wrong. This does not usually happen, however, and many hosting servers will advertise 99.9% uptime out of the whole year.


Dreamweaver is a software system from Macromedia that is designed to help someone create their own website easily.

Dropped Domain

A domain name that is no longer registered, usually because the fee went unpaid. The dropped domain then becomes available for purchase to the public.

Dynamic Content

Fresh content that is updated frequently. This is usually seen in forums, but can be used on HTML pages and more just as long as it is updated periodically during the day.

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