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LinkConnector Review
Dec 16, 2008

Since LinkConnector launched in 2004 it has become one of the leading affiliate marketing networks providing a great link for merchants and affiliates to come together and form a great partnership.  LinkConnector uses the newest and best technology available to provide both the merchant and the affiliate with easy to use streamlined linking systems to track and pay commissions for not only traditional pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale, but also offers an advanced way to pay for pay for call and pay per go. Linkconnector offers their own patent-pending Naked Link Technology which has many benefits.  With Naked Link affiliates are allowed to look more editorial in nature to search engines and therefore improving their rankings as an expert in their field.

LinkConnector has a very unique approach to affiliate marketing. LinkConnector's key philosophical beliefs are provided below. These beliefs help explain how many of LinkConnector's exclusive technologies set them apart.

SEO and SEM Strategy Integration
LinkConnector has developed technologies that help integrate its merchant customers' SEM efforts with their affiliate marketing companies. LinkConnector believes that merchants benefit from inbound, direct links from their affiliate partners and that affiliate partners should be compensated as well. LinkConnector has technologies to help make this valuable connection possible.

Affiliate SEM efforts also benefit from LinkConnector technologies. LinkConnector enable an affiliate site to appear more editorial to users and search engines, therefore improving their standing as an expert in their field.

Brand Control
LinkConnector wants merchants to have contol of their brand. Merchants shoudl not be concerned about branding when it comes to having affiliate accounts.

Zero Tolerance of Fraud
Most affiliate networks appear to have little control when enforcing fraud issues. All too often fraud is found by the merchant and reported to network. Again, LinkConnector feels this is unacceptable. LinkConnector has zero tolerance policy when it comes to fraud and goes to great effort to find and fight fraud.

Quality versus Quantity of Affiliates
In order for affilate programs to work for merchants they must have quality affiliates working for them.   LinkConnector takes a much different approach with affiliate programs, believing it is much more beneficial to have fewer quality leads from quality affiliates. LinkConnector fraud technology allows them to know which affiliates are not beneficial or are a risk.

Affiliate Representation
Many affiliate marketing networks view the merchant as the primary customer and the affiliate as a secondary customer. LinkConnector believes affiliates are equal partners.  They have created an Affiliate Relations department which allows affiliate partners many of the same benefits as the merchant customers.

Pricing Strategy
LinkConnector does not charge individual fees for separate services to their merchant customers because they feel they feel a merchant's affiliate program should be a pay-for-performance service.  LinkConnector only makes money when a merchant is able to make money. The savings provided from LinkConnector allows merchants to pay affiliates more which leads to a more beneficial relationship for all.

Out-of-the-Box Technologies
LinkConnector provides a standard of technology above the competition. LinkConnector is a technology company and therefore are constantly developing new functionality keeping affiliate programs up to date with the best technologies available to both the merchants and affiliates. We take pride in having a hands-on approach and have developed our system to meet the needs of merchants and made it very easy to use.

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