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Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs
Dec 03, 2004

While affiliate marketing began as a pay per click model it is becoming more difficult for webmasters to find pay per click affiliate programs to sign up for. Read on to find out where you can still find merchants who will pay you for every visitor you send to their site using pay per click affiliate programs.

Pay Per Click vs. Pay Per Action
Every webmaster would love to be highly compensated for every visitor sent to an affiliate website, however that is not how most affiliate programs work. Merchants sponsoring affiliate programs have found pay per action models to much more profitable for them. Pay per action means the merchant only has to pay the affiliate if the customer click converts to a sale. Most merchants have turned to this more profitable payment scheme from the original pay per click model.

Finding Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs
We have found the most pay per click affiliate programs in the the easiest to manage location through the Commission Junction affiliate network. CJ is our favorite because it makes choosing high performing products and creatives easy, as well as tracking sales, receiving payment, and managing multiple sites. CJ will tell just exactly how the merchant plans to pay, per sale, per lead, or per click.

The majority of pay per click affiliate programs are for products like casinos, online dating, and recreational sites that are sure to make money off most visitors to their site, so they are willing to pay merchants the same way. If these types of affiliate programs fit your site you may be interested in a pay per click affiliate program.

High Traffic = High Commissions
For webmasters with high traffic websites, pay per click affiliate programs can be very profitable. If you haven't already, sign up for an account with Commission Junction (its free to webmasters) and start connecting with merchants who are paying for every visitor.

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