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Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web hosting affiliate programs are one of the most popular and best paying referral programs within a niche market. Keep reading to find out what web hosting affiliate programs are paying on referrals and pay per click (PPC) programs, and what hosts offer them.

One of the best ways to earn a little extra money from your business web site is to become involved in an affiliate program. With an affiliate program, you act as a referrer, sending visitors to your web site to another site, where they can buy products and services. If someone does buy something after clicking through to a site with your affiliate program, you receive a commission. Your commission might be a percentage of each sale, or it might be a flat dollar amount for each transaction. Either way, you receive payment just for keeping an advertisement on your web site.

Web hosting affiliate programs

Some of the best paying affiliate programs are web hosting affliate programs. This is because web hosts normally get sign-ups to pay recurring bills. You can earn anywhere from $25 up to $200 or more per referral. This can be a good way to earn a little extra money on your web site. Some of the web hosts that offer affiliate programs include:

  • Globat
  • WebHosting Buzz
  • DreamHost
  • LunarPages

These web hosts will pay you each time a referral from your web site clicks through. And there are plenty of other web hosts that offer affiliate programs. It can be helpful to sign up for these types of affiliate programs because many of the best web hosts are already recognized. It saves you the worry of branding. All you have to do is draw traffic to your web site in order to increase the chances that you will get more sales through referrals from your site.

It is also worth noting that some web hosts will allow you to use your earnings from the affiliate programs to credit your own hosting account. If you are purchasing web hosting services from a company, and you are interested in defraying some of your costs, you might ask about affiliate programs. This way, you can get some or all of your web hosting paid for without having to actually come up with the cash. If you have enough people click through and purchase services, you might even get paid on top of it.

Drawing traffic to your web site

If you are involving yourself in an affiliate program to make money, then you will want to bring more traffic to your web site. This is important if you want to expand your earnings. If you just want to use web hosting affiliate programs just to make a little extra incidental money, then there is not much need to develop your site so that it gets more traffic. However, if you want to turn your site into a reliable money earner, traffic is a must.

It can take time to build up traffic, especially if you are looking to attract quality traffic that is more likely to result in sales started from your web site. Here are some things you can do to increase the amount of visitors coming to your site – thereby increasing the amount of sales you end up with:

  • Search engine optimization: One of the most important things you can do is make sure that your web site is optimized so that search engines can catalog it easily and so that it ranks high on search results. This includes paying attention to keywords, making sure you have good content and being sure that your web site is easy to navigate. Be sure to steer clear of companies that can promise you amazing results very quickly. Often, these companies use "black hat" methods that are frowned upon. While you will get an initial boost, eventually the search engines will catch on and then ban your site, leading to a loss of traffic in the long run.
  • Regular content: You can attract more visitors while enhancing your SEO traits by providing regular content. You should update your web site frequently. The use of a blog can simplify this process. Regular updates of high quality content will look good to visitors and to search engines. Make sure that your content is relevant to your theme, and that you are consistent in posting new information at least three times a week (although five or more times is better).
  • Content promotion: You can also promote the content on your web site. Using social media web sites to promote some of your content, and letting others know about you can direct traffic to your web site. You can also write guest articles for other sites, and invite others to post for you.

In the end, there are ways to earn money from your web site, without doing too much extra beyond promoting your site. Affiliate programs can be a great way to earn a little extra cash.

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