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Glossary Term R – Best Affiliate Programs

A term used to describe the position of a site in a search result done on a keyword phrase. Often used in a phrase, such as, 'top search search engine ranking', this would relate to a site showing up in the first 10 or 20 results from a search done on a particular phrase.


When someone submits a web page or site more than once. This is usually done when a website has changed or updated information. Unfortunately, this is sometimes regarded as suspicious activity because someone may be experimenting with spamming.

Refresh Tag

This is a type of meta tag that will refresh or reload a web page after a set time period.


A person or group of people (such as a company) that registers a domain name. The registrant is responsible for all of the fees and conditions, but they also own the domain name.


A company that registers domain names to people who are seeking to own one. These companies must be ICANN accredited, and are responsible for the data, personal information, and fees.

Registration Term

The amount of time a domain name is registered for. Many registrars offer a discounted price if you register for a longer time period.

A web hosting or domain name reseller will build their own web site and company logo to sell the hosting or registration services of a larger company.

The process whereby domain names are matched up with certain I.P. addresses. This is done by the name servers, that will determine which I.P. numbers correspond with which domain name.


These are also known as spider, bots, or crawlers. This is a browser program that surfs the web without human control. Robots follow links and web pages with the purpose of indexing them for a search engine.


A text file that indicates certain pages that should not be indexed by robots. Basically, it stops indicated web pages from being indexed into search engines.

ROI - Return on Investment

The amount of money received compared to the amount invested. This measurement is also known as profit.


The base (or root) directory of an operating system. This would be the highest directory in a hierarchy.

Root Web
The FrontPage web that is provided by the server by default. To access the root web, you supply the URL of the server without specifying a page name. FrontPage is installed with a default root web named <root web>. All FrontPage webs are contained by the root FrontPage web.

RSS - Rich Site Summary
An XML format for distributing updated information such as news headlines, podcasts, or blog entries on the Web.

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